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BIOMIN, a leader in animal nutrition and health, develops and produces feed additives, premixes and services for the improvement of animal performance, in an economically viable way. Our products cover solutions for mycotoxin risk management, holistic approaches towards promoting growth naturally as well as specific solutions that address dietary requirements for swine, poultry, dairy and beef cattle as well as aquaculture. We at BIOMIN are dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable solutions that ensure our customers’ success through healthy and safe animal nutrition. The application of science and expertise is based on first understanding and appreciating our customer’s needs and concerns. This principle enables us to deliver solutions that support animal health, optimize performance and production efficiency.

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Erber Campus 1 , Getzersdorf , 3131 Austria

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)


BIOMIN develops and produces feed additives, premixes and services for healthy and profitable animals. Our solutions cover mycotoxin risk management and natural growth promotion for swine, poultry, ruminants and aquaculture.

BIOMIN is committed to:

  • Its customers
  • Performance-oriented innovation
  • A corporate culture that nurtures and recognizes talent
  • Decisions that prioritize sustainability

BIOMIN Company Policy

Our mission is to fulfill the expectations and requirements of our partners (customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers). This implies profitability and sustainability taking into account quality, the environment, ethics, health and safety as well as security.

  • Our customers, suppliers and employees are partners. We maintain long-term, trustful and thus productive relationships.
  • It is every employee’s responsibility to maintain high quality of our products and services.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation are our goals. This supports the economic success of our customers and our company.
  • We emphasize international and process-oriented teamwork. Respecting cultural differences within our worldwide operations goes without saying. We treat all human beings with dignity and respect - regardless of age, gender, religion or nationality.
  • We commit ourselves to adhere to the corresponding and relevant legal rules, regulations, and requirements. This guarantees highest safety for our products and services.
  • In all our dealings we see it as our duty to follow ethical principles. We act according to appropriate and good conduct in given situations.
  • We protect know-how, business and trade secrets.
  • We commit ourselves to handle economic, environmental and social resources in a careful and efficient manner.
  • We are committed to doing our part towards the voluntarily reduction of the threat of global warming.
  • We commit ourselves to the principles of the companies code of conduct.


Quality means that our customers are able to purchase BIOMIN products with full confidence in their reliability and performance at any time. This is what our customers have come to expect from us and appreciate so much, and is a value which we strive to uphold in all that we do.

We endeavor to achieve and maintain the highest standards in hygiene, product safety and traceability of raw materials, through to the manufacture process and end-product. Here are our quality values.


All raw materials are procured exclusively from a choice group of suppliers and subjected to stringent receiving inspections. It is the BIOMIN philosophy to contract long-term business relationships with reliable suppliers as this helps secure a consistent and high quality.

Stringent quality checks on all materials and products are an integral part of the BIOMIN manufacturing process.


Continuous learning is part of our corporate culture. We emphasize continuous training that lifts the skills, and above all, morale and motivation of our staff.


BIOMIN believes that success depends on the ongoing improvement of in-house quality standards.

In 1997, BIOMIN introduced the international ISO 9001 standard. The HACCP system, introduced subsequently at BIOMIN production sites, provides the quality assurance our customers seek.