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  • Greenhouse

  • ZipGrow - Vertical Farming Towers

    ZipGrow - Vertical Farming Towers

    Practical technology for today’s resource-smart farmers. For many farmers, building a greenhouse is a big step. There are many important things to consider from your zoning to your environmental and pest controls. One thing you do not want to overlook is your use of resources. Think about it. If you’re paying to heat or cool a volumetric greenhouse, you should be growing in that unused volumetric space. ZipGrow Towers allow greenhouse...

  • Indoor Farming

  • ZipFarm - Indoor Growing System

    ZipFarm - Indoor Growing System

    The ZipFarm indoor growing system is designed for the grower wanting to supply the growing demand for local, transparent food. It leverages the benefits of vertical plane production (true vertical farming) to optimize for the four core areas of an economical indoor facility: Space use efficiency & productivity, Labor costs, Profitability, Environment & plant health

  • Hobbyists

  • ZipGrow - Farm Wall

    ZipGrow - Farm Wall

    The ZipGrow Farm Wall is a soil-less growing system that makes it possible to grow a garden anywhere – even on the side of a wall! This water-smart and space-conscious wall garden not only helps home gardeners, restaurants, and schools, grow their own fresh greens and herbs. Your ability to grow your own food shouldn’t be limited by space constraints or poor soils. That’s why we created the Farm Wall.