Today`s strong point is the Caravaggio (BG) plant that has been gradually developed and strengthened over the years, and in which is concentrated the production of special crop protection products and fertilizers in different types of formulation. The production site covers a total area of 150,000 m2, with 37,500 m2 of industrial area, of which 14,000 m2 covered, 21 formulation lines, 14 packaging lines and 2 stores occupying 7,000 m2. The know-how gained in over 40 years of market presence of agricultural products, the continuing investment in terms of quality, safety and the environment make Diachem a cutting-edge reality and qualify the company as a national and European leader in the contracting sector.

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Via Mozzanica, 9/11 , Caravaggio (BG) , 24043 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Diachemis a company specialized in the formulation and marketing of generic crop protection products and specialist crop nutrition products. Distribution is performed through a network of agents covering the entire Italian territory.

The product portfolio includes formulations included in all major market segments.


The company strategy pursues the formulation and packaging of products sold at its premises. The Registration office takes direct care of all business dealings with the Ministry by using outside consultants as a secondary request only.

The supply of active substances takes place through the originator and/or notifier Companies. Diachem invests resources devoted to the European defence of their formulations.

Resources Plant

Located in the predominantly agricultural area of Caravaggio about 30 km east of Milan, the plant covers an enclosed area exclusively dedicated to the processing and storage of chemicals. 
The Technical departments - production is located in this area. Industrial area houses several buildings, well separated and each dedicated to specific activities and equipped with the most modern safety and security solutions for employees and the environment. Ample green areas provide a correct insertion into the surrounding environment.

Head offices

Located about 50 km east of Milan at Albano Sant'Alessandro, and within a wider industrial perimeter that includes other activities of the Group. The commercial and administrative offices are also located here.


Flexibility. Our systems and our organization allow us to offer a valuable service to the most demanding customers in terms of readiness in solving problems and excellent adaptability to the needs of all.

Customer oriented. Our development strategy highlights the relationship with the customer as a central element to the achievement of corporate objectives. Specific monitoring procedures of this relationship are the key instrument of our continuous improvement.

Independence. Membership of the Company to a private Group guarantees the customer absolute independence and the absence of constraints in the development of their business.

Confidentiality. In all phases of our business we can guarantee, including through specific contractual provisions, absolute confidentiality in the use of information and know-how provided by our customers.

Experience. Over 40 years of presence in the market for agricultural products make Diachem an industrial partner respected by world leading multinational companies.

The Group began its activities in the agricultural chemical sector in 1957, and in 1967 established Diachem and the first production unit in Albano Sant'Alessandro (BG), which is now disused.

In 1986, with the acquisition of a second production facility in Caravaggio (ex Sifa), a significant boost was given to production, creating the foundations for today's corporate structure.