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Kenny Kuhns grew up on a dairy farm in central Illinois in the days before round balers and large square balers were common in America. Growing up, he stacked many bales of hay onto wagons and into barns. At a very young age he acquired the passion to get beautiful hay in the barn before the rain hit. In his move from Illinois to Ohio, Kenny realized the need for more reliable small square bale equipment. Inconsistent and quick-changing weather made it a necessity to have a more efficient method for pick-up, transportation, and storage of small bales. Kenny’s experience and testimony from others made him think there had to be a better way to bale small squares.

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He wanted something simpler than the hydraulic and electronic assisted accumulators, yet he did not want a machine that drug the bales across the ground. In the summer of 2002 he began building an accumulator that would arrange the bales into groups by using an incline, gates, and gravity. He presented the concept to a few manufactures but they were focused on other products. Two patents and over 10 years later he is thankful they were.

Kuhns Mfg has made changes over the years to achieve a better end product. Yet, the simple incline design has always stayed the same. Kenny’s memories of hay being rained on because of equipment failure still drive the design, quality, and service at Kuhns Mfg today.