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  • Graders

  • Roma  - Model 600 M - Towed Grader

    Roma - Model 600 M - Towed Grader

    A grader incorporating, a laser system. High tecnlology has led us to build a tool that is not only a grader but also a machine that can carry out large earth movemcnts in a very short time thanks to the construction of a broken-line swanneck bin chassis that allows to increase the space between the blade and the chassis in order to carry larger volumes of earth, and thanks to a differential radius biade and a patented bent cutting blade that allows...

  • Roma  - Model 500 N - Soil Moving System

    Roma - Model 500 N - Soil Moving System

    The revolutionary machine that changed the whole soil-moving system replacing all traditional means. High-technology product. Gooseneck chassis with bin, wide port between blades and chassis, ensuring the machine can contain a large amount of soil, at the same time rolling it perfectly and quickly. Hence large displacements are possible in shorter time. The foregoing grader ensures incomparable reliability and precision.

  • Scraper

  • Model DF 320 - Tear Towed Agricultural Scrape

    Model DF 320 - Tear Towed Agricultural Scrape

    Tear towed agricultural scraper: perfect for the long-distance displacements also of wet or sandy soil, with unloading of the ground through a hatchback type 'ejector' and a small front door against the fall of the ground. Also with road homologation.

  • Model DF105 - DF120 - Scraper

    Model DF105 - DF120 - Scraper

    The Scraper is controlled from the tractor cockpit, with the double effect remote controls that the tractor is fitted with. Therefore, all standard machines are designed to performe their movements through two double effect controls.