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PlantResponse was founded in March 2008 as a Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) spin-off. Since then we have focused on developing highly innovative products by taking advantage of the know-how and techniques we have acquired through our experience in the agricultural domain. Today, PlantResponse has a world-wide exclusive license to the initial technologies we developed, which enables us to identify and develop solutions to different types of botanical stress and help plant growth on a global scale. PlantResponse is a company with world-class potential, a leader in the large and growing agricultural biotech market. Thanks to our expertise, our innovative technology and our constant pursuit of scientific excellence, PlantResponse is in the vanguard of discovering and developing innovative solutions for crop management.

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Centro de Empresas, Campus de Montegancedo , Pozuelo de Alarcón , Madrid 28223 Spain

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Crop protection marketing companies can benefit from our unique screening platform to develop new products with wide action range against plant pathogen targets.

Bio-stimulants developing companies can scientifically validate their fortification products to commercialize compounds and mixtures that are proven to be better than products currently in the market.

Plant breeding companies, especially the seed industry can have access to traits that confer novel resistance to plant pest and pathogens.

Plant Response Biotech business strategy is derived from its core competences: a robust and dynamic team, a future strong intellectual property position and a relevant network of strategic alliances with academic and industry research teams, which are the current world-leaders in the strategic area of crop protection.

Our scientific background is based on cutting edge technologies developed throughout years of research. The company focuses on the discovery and commercialization of technologies and agricultural traits to reach a sustainable crop protection that meets the market needs.

The preventive application of some pathogen-derived molecules
(elicitors) to crop plants results in plant “vaccination” enhancing the natural resistance to pathogens upon infection. The identification and characterization of plant receptors enables the generation of novel crop varieties with improved resistance to pathogens and therefore, better performance.

Our vision is to develop products and traits from the laboratory to the greenhouse or the field. Our products and traits are routinely trialed under production conditions to guarantee meeting grower and end consumer needs.


Advances in Plant Innate Immunity have been impressive during the last 5 years. Among the breakthroughs in this area, the discovery of the capacity of plants to specifically recognize pathogens by membrane resident receptors that bind molecules from the pathogen surface (Elicitors) should be remarked. This specific recognition triggers the plant innate immunity system activation, enhancing plant resistance to pathogen infection.

The preventive application to crop plants of elicitors result in plant “vaccination” enhancing the natural resistance to pathogens upon infection. The identification and characterization of plant Receptors enables the generation of novel crop varieties with improved resistance to pathogens and therefore, better performance.

“Plant vaccination” by plant pre- immunization with elicitors is a natural and robust resistance mechanism that has not been yet exploited in the crop protection field. The environmental and health rules and the social demands for a safer and environmental friendly agriculture offer a unique opportunity for the development of this technology.
Plant Response Biotech business mainly focuses in exploiting the Innate Immunity technology in crop protection.

To do so, we will work in two main research areas:
1.- The identification of novel elicitors, in order to use them as inducers in Crop Protection.
2.- The identification and characterization of Receptors and downstream components for Plant Breeding programs to generate resistant varieties in crops of interest.


The company has launched its first-in-class elicitor after completion of the field/greenhouse tests for proving wide pathogen resistance and yield increase in garlic and pepper. Crop protection and distribution companies interested in introducing our novel products to their markets please contact us.


We are developing a high throughput state of the art model plant validation platform, with a capacity for validating over 1,000 products per year. Validation in target crops (e.g. garlic, pepper, tomato) is carried out in real production conditions both in field and greenhouse trials to guarantee the success and yield performance.

Crop protection and distribution companies interested in screening or validating their products by our please contact us.

Plant Response offers unique competitive advantages:

  • Own innovative technology
  • Cutting edge high trough put platform and access to latest state of the art equipment
  • Products of natural origin
  • Capacity to bring research from lab to grower through production field or greenhouse trials
  • Excellence team and international collaborations

Plant Response has wide experience in building bridges between academic researchers and industry. One of our mail goals is to bring exciting discoveries from the lab to the market.

We can offer a wide range of services to researchers including not only product development and research to acquire solid Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) but also opportunities to license innovative technologies through our wide industrial network.

Our internal need for results of the highest quality for our research programs and our history of success is the best guarantee for the quality of our services.