Ridings Machinery Ring (RMR) Ltd.

Ridings Machinery Ring (RMR) was formed in 1992 by a group of farmers and contractors as an independent, farmer owned co-operative for the agricultural industry in Yorkshire. The main aim of the group being to rationalise member’s labour and machinery resources in order to improve the viability of their business’ whilst retaining flexibility and control. RMR is an Industrial Provident Society and as such is not motivated by profit. RMR exists only to bring benefits to it’s members. A Board of elected Directors oversee the management of the business which is run on a day to day basis by a manager. The Directors serve on a voluntary basis and do not draw any salary or expenses.

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Hall Moor Farm, Shipton Lane , Wigginton , York United Kingdom

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The economics of farming are continually changing. The cost of fully equipping and stocking the average sized farm can become a significant drain on its profitability, let alone keeping abreast with the technological advances in mechanisation.

Membership of a Machinery and Labour Ring is an option that gives a greater choice to farmers to maintain flexibility and improve the viability of their business. The role of the Ring is to put people who can provide a service or do work with their equipment or labour (Suppliers) in touch with those who require work to be done (Demanders).

Members may be Suppliers of some services and Demanders of others. Over 100 different services are available from our members.

The Ring matches surplus capacity on some farms with a shortage on others. Members no longer need incur the expenses involved in owning and maintaining a full complement of equipment and staff for all jobs. Different peaks and troughs occurring between areas and enterprises can be balanced for the benefit of members.

The Ring also supply certain commodities through its non farming membership. Considerable savings can be achieved on some products.

Many can save the cost of their annual subscription by using these services.

Upon joining the Ring members register the services and equipment they are able to supply. This information is stored on a database. When a service is required, the Demander contacts the manager who, using the database, identifies a Supplier with suitable equipment or skills. He contacts the Supplier to ascertain if he is willing and available to do the work. Further members are contacted until one is located who is available. The manager puts the Demander and Supplier in contact with each other. Demanders can express a preference for a particular Supplier and potential Suppliers can turn work down if they so wish. Once contact has been made both parties act on their own behalf and agree the practical details.