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  • Sigma4 - Bulldozer Blade

    Sigma4 - Bulldozer Blade

    The deep experience and the high manufacturing technology developed by Sigma 4 are combined in this line of front dozer blades for crawler tractors. Inspired by an industrial blade design, rugged construction and full reliability, the dozer blade can perform heavy duty jobs at the farm. Clearing land or snow, piling silage, levelling ground, grading…all operations quickly and easily performed.

  • Sigma 4 - Dozer Blade

    Sigma 4 - Dozer Blade

    High performances, innovative technology and great versatility. These are the main features of the PC 4000, a front end loader for crawler tractors easily changeable into a dozer blade.  The sturdy frame is built around the tractor to assure ideal repartition of loads, for a high working capacity and a minimum stress on the tractor. The unit is supplied in a full package including a dozer blade as well as a bucket and the hydraulic system...

  • Implements

  • Sigma 4 - Model BK Series - Multigrab Bucket

    Sigma 4 - Model BK Series - Multigrab Bucket

    Designed to load different types of products, such as compost, forage and straw.  The bucket design with closed bottom enables an easy and accurate loading of the material, as well as a comfortable penetration into compact products such as silage. Its use requires the fitting of a supplementary hydraulic line on the loader.