Smart! Fertilizer Management

Smart! Fertilizer Management

We have been helping hundreds of agriculturalists to achieve extraordinary crop yields at lower production costs. Misuse of fertilizers is a global phenomenon and it results in decreased yields, waste of fertilizers, and a damage to environment. Our goal is to empower farmers and agri-profssionals with a comprehensive do-it-yourself Fertilizer Management tools, eliminating mistakes in the choice of fertilizers and dosage levels and optimizing crop nutrition.

We believe that better fertilizer management can dramatically increase crop yields and farmers` profit, while minimizing environmental pollution. Nutrient Formulation and Fertilizer Management Software. An innovative Fertilizer Management Software for calculating fertilizer formulations and designing fertility programs. Eliminate guesswork and mistakes in the choice of fertilizers and dosage levels.

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15 Eshkol St. , Hod Hasharon , 45343 Israel

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)