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  • Front Loader

  • Tenías - Model Series 300 - Front Loader

    Tenías - Model Series 300 - Front Loader

    The series 300 of the Tenías front loader is the result of the experience of a leader make. This new product is a sign of the permanent evolution throught the years of our R&D team. Adaptability to any kind of tractor, flexibility and robustness shape a loader with high performance.

  • Optional Implements

  • Tenias - Silo Cutter Fork

    Tenias - Silo Cutter Fork

    Implement designed to cut as much grass silo as corn silo, which makes this fork indispensable for livestock farming.It is a very strong implement, prepared for hard work conditions.It is supplied with two cylinders of 80 mm in diameter, which makes the shears, fitted with screwed blades, go up and down.

  • Tenías - Potato Bucket

    Tenías - Potato Bucket

    Special bucket to handle this product.It is composed of two curved sides to help the load, in its frontal part it has a rod in the blade to protect the product from any cut when loading. Besides, the inside reinforcements are flat to avoid the product break.It can be supplied in several widths, from 1,80 m up to 2,40 m.

  • Front Hitch

  • Tenías - Front Hitches

    Tenías - Front Hitches

    Our front hitches are characterized by their innovative and ergonomic design to fulfil the requirements of any different tractor model. Its adaptable to any kind of tractor, as much to fruit tractors as to standard ones.Traction improvement, load capacity and hydraulic activation of agricultural implements, are some of the uses of Tenías front hitch.

  • Snow Plough

  • Tenías - Model QN-1  - Snow Plough

    Tenías - Model QN-1 - Snow Plough

    Snow Plough Of a solid construction, it can be assembled on a front loader or on the tractor front third point. The blade is non-stop, that is to say that it oscillates on an axle with springs in order to avoid sewers, little kerbs, etc... that we can find in the road.