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  • Delivery Systems

    Delivery Systems

    There is a lot of money to be earned in the delivery phase. And not only by setting a smart sales price and fulfilling orders fast. You can save a lot of money by optimising your logistics, efficiency and use of space. A professional delivery system plays a key role in this. WPS designs, manufactures and installs custom Plant Order Systems. Our systems are responsible for delivering some 1.5 million plants every week. Because they are made up of...

  • Plant Growth Cell

    Plant Growth Cell

    Square meters are expensive in greenhouses, especially in greenhouses where Phalaenopsis are grown. How do you utilize the space efficiently and how can you optimize the growing conditions for the crop? Two different questions but only one answer: with the Plant Growth Cell from WPS. It is an innovative concept with multiple benefits all in one. Without the additional costs of extra space in the greenhouse, the plant gets extra room. With all the...

  • Multilayer & Daylight-Free

    Multilayer & Daylight-Free

    Growing in a greenhouse is not an efficient solution for some crops. By growing on multiple layers one above the other you can make much more efficient use of your space. What’s more, conditions in these cells can be finely tuned right down to four decimal places.

  • SmartScan


    Sorting pot plants calls for a very precise eye. Growers who set high sorting standards therefore prefer an automatic eye: with Vision camera technology. These are key elements of every sorting solution. That’s why we at WPS prefer to develop our Vision solutions in-house. That way we can match the technology better to the needs of the discerning grower. And we can also integrate the cameras perfectly with other parts of the system. Our Vision...