Seed Cleaning

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  • Sunflower Seeds Color Sorter

    Sunflower Seeds Color Sorter Function 1. Working for shelled sunflower seeds, to separate the white color, yellow color, dark color shelled seeds.2. Working for sunflower seeds kernel, to get rid of the dark seeds/worm bited seeds.3. LINPRO color sorter not only can used to separate raw sunf

  • YZYX70ZWY Integrated Oil Press

    YZYX70ZWY is a integrated oil press combined the function of roaster(heating the raw materials), the oil pressing and the oil filtering. It has advantages of easy operation and high oil ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • On-Growing Mussels Harvesting Unit

    On-Growing Mussels Harvesting Unit

    Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Mussels/rope-grown bivalves: Collector-cleaning ahead of new spat settlement. Natural settlement or Seeding spat from hatchery. Control density. Reduce predators & fouling: Starfish, tunicates, barnacles, annelid worm, other fauna and flora. Gentle harvesting with minimum stress & breakage.