Strawberry Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Dual Boom Strawberry Sprayers
    Showcase Product

    Dual Boom Strawberry Sprayers

    By Househam Sprayers Ltd

    The Strawberry AR3000 self-propelled sprayer is a classic example of how the Househam design team works with customer to create an end product that really excels in a specific task. The Strawberry AR3000 combines ...

  • Sulphur Duster
    Showcase Product

    Sulphur Duster


    The Rear`s Duster is used to apply sulfur or other dry matter to vine crops. The stainless steel hopper is capable of holding 300 pounds of material. Hydraulics drive both the finger type material agitation and the ...

  • Strawberry Grow Bags
    Showcase Product

    Strawberry Grow Bags

    By Botanicoir Ltd

    Our strawberry grow bags, which contain our specifically developed and buffered Precision Plus grade, are made with the plant, and the grower, in mind. We wash and buffer our coir to a very high standard, so that when ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • ANGIER S.A.S International

    ANGIER S.A.S International

    ANGIER S.A.S International Nursery is specialised in manufacturing and marketing strawberry plants, asparagus and red fruits young plants since 1966. ...

  • Norcal Nursery, Inc.

    Norcal Nursery, Inc.

    Norcal Nursery Inc. is a family owned business spanning four generations with over 85 years of experience in the small fruit industry. Headquartered ...

  • Agrobot


    Headquartered in ADESVA Innovation and Technology Center (Huelva, Spain), at Agrobot we combine efforts to raise the agribusiness to a higher status. ...

  • J.Huete


    J. Huete currently has 12.000 sqm of industrial land and a warehouse equipped with the most modern machinery to manufacture greenhouses (automatic ...

  • WDP draadbewerking BV

    WDP draadbewerking BV

    Translating requirements and wishes into user-friendly and affordable end products. This is our strength, based on years of experience, a profound ...