Focusing on Canadian - Swedish forest sector cooperation


Source: Elmia AB

A nation with enormous amounts of forest resources is Canada. Like the Nordic countries Canada the forest industry sector is of national socio-economic significance supplying income and employment in rural areas. The forest industry sector in both regions have identified that bioenergy and bio-chemicals could well be the third and perhaps even fourth legs for the sector along with traditional pulp, paper, panel and lumber products.

'We chose this time to have more focus on the forest based applications with representatives and companies from provinces such as Québec, British Columbia and Ontario along with industry and research institutes such as FP Innovations,' commented Inga-Lill Olsson, trade commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Stockholm.

As at previous editions of World Bioenergy there was a pavilion stand for Canada and Canadian companies.

'This year we wanted to try something different by having our own Canada Speakers corner where the different participants could present on Canadian Capabilities and Innovation,' explained Inga-Lill.

Also an event that has become well attended and appreciated 'tradition' at World Bioenergy is the Canadian Networking Reception hosted by the Embassy.

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