- Model 300plus Series - Harvesting Headers



The headers of the 300plus series cut quickly and thoroughly at a high speed of rotation. Up to 12 cutting rotors permit use with a very wide range of crops – regardless of the row spacing. Thanks to this row-independent harvesting technology, the field can be worked from any side, which is particularly important for down crop. The even feeding of the harvested crop lengthwise to the chopper unit, and the tidy  bundling in the special step feeder drums, permit full utilisation of your harvester. The 300plus series offers highest productivity with maximum chopping quality whatever the width of the chopping drum.

High profitability and a wide range of uses are the marks of the KEMPER headers. Many thin-stemmed crops for animal feed or the production of biogas can be harvested, even under very difficult harvesting conditions, a row-independent harvesting system with fast-running rotors allows uninterrupted cutting over the full working width. The cutting rotors, with exchangeable segments and special scrapers, provide the conditions for the best possible harvest.

The outer cutting rotors of the 360plus,  are hydraulically foldable to a transport width of 3 m. The 375plus and the  390plus are foldable to a transport width of 3.3 m. The transport guard of the 360plus is fitted with flashing lights and position lights. From the 375plus  on the lighting is intregrated in the fold-in wings.The low width during transport and the clever folding of the header allow for a perfect view.

It is not only in the field that the 300plus series is an innovation: the headers have important advantages on the public roads. Thanks to the integrated lighting and the fold-in wings (from the 375plus on), the driver has a perfect view of the road. Easy turning and optimised weight also simplify transport. For the 375plus and 390plus headers a supplementary bogie to reduce the axle loadings is optionally available for use in combination with the Claas 900 series.

  • Pick up the wheel easily and quickly, without having to get down from the cab.
  • Capture the wheel with the central guide bracket.
  • Fold all the way in, automatically lock, lower the wheel and away you go.

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