Perfect Blend, LLC

Model 8-4-2 - Organic Based Fertilizer



Perfect Blend 8-4-2 Organic Based fertilizer is designed, when applied correctly, to sustain beautiful lawns and restores Low Soil Organic Matter Levels In Worn-Out Lawns. Even the best cared for lawns will become depleted of the valuable nutrients found in soil organic matter after repeated use of synthetic fertilizers that do not contain organic nutrients. Perfect Blend will sustain beautiful lawns and will provide valuable organic components specially formulated to restore and rejuvenate lawns.

The Benefits of using Perfect Blend 8-4-2

  • Turns tired lawns into lush green lawns
  • Twice the efficiency of synthetic nitrogen
  • Contains 15 essential nutrients
  • Slow, natural release
  • Non-leaching
  • Safe for use around lakes and streams
  • Balanced formulation
  • Promotes soil microbe growth
  • Contains mycorrhizal inoculants
  • High in amino acids
  • Natural nitrogen source
  • Restores nutrients to over-fertilized soil

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