FULLY AUTOMATIC SOLAR PUMPING SYSTEMS consist of (1) solar panels of 250W each made from first grade polycrystalline solar cells, size of panel about 1.5 mt x 1 mt. Every Solar panel is apporved MNRE New Delhi.with test certificate. (2) Panels supporting trolley on 2 wheels or fixed structure (3) Inverter controller with Variable Frequency Drive, Maximum Power Point Tracking and all types of protections and facilities to convert DC power of low voltage to AC power of high voltage of 400 V, 3 phase power.(4) submersible pump or centrifugal pump. Solar panel Watts, pump HP and cost is given below. 1250W, 1HP, cost US$ 1800/- 2000W, 2HP, cost US$ 2700/- 3000W, 3HP, cost US$ 3600/- 5000W, 5HP, cost US$ 5500/- 7500W, 7.5HP, cost US$ 7750/- 10000W, 10HP, cost US$ 11000/- VIDEO LINK - 2 KW solar water pumping system with 8 panels on trolley https://youtu.be/llhQJglQT4Y Look video https://youtu.be/zj3Z_XFn9Io

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