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Subject to adequate temperature, moisture is the single most important element needed for germination. By cutting a slit in the ground a natural moisture trap is produced so that seed germination is maximised and the young seedling is sheltered whilst it anchors its roots directly into the soil so minimising losses as grazing commences.

If a slit is cut too deep the seedling can fail as it will run out of energy and if cut too shallow then it can lose out on the advantages of the slit, therefore good depth control is essential.

Sports fields apart, grass fields are undulating so depth control is more difficult. Most drills have a sprung loaded system to help cope with undulations. However the download pressures needed or a grass drill to do its job reduces the flexibility of these devices and can severely compromise depth control where there are ground contours as all the weight can be concentrated over several coulters.

  • With auto contour a secondary suspension system is incorporated to increase flexibility.
  • The drill frames are partitioned into 1m sections and the download is applied to each by a hydraulic ram. The rams are linked to each other so download per frame equalises despite undulations.
  • This is seen by the changing ram positions as the machine goes down the field and proven by the consistency of the cuts.

  • The in cab control box displays feed rate, forward speed, area covered and monitors the drill to optimise performance
  • The transparent head cap can be seen from the operators seat allowing seed flow to be observed.
  • 18/24 boron disk coulter with tungsten carbide tipped coulter (160/125mm spacing)
  • Electric fan distributed through to external central distribution unit
  • A 300L hopper is accessed from the load platform & the unit is very simple to calibrate
  • Tractors from 100hp
  • Weight frames to suit popular tractor weights
  • 14' rear roller gives depth control and tidy finish
  • Forward speed and metering output are taken off the roller by a well protected sensor picking up bolts on the inside plate of the roller.

  • Sprung loaded eradicators
  • Larger hopper
  • Hydraulic fan
  • Farmflex roller
  • Bout markers

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