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- Model Pacific - Anti-Fouling Impregnation for Aquaculture Nets



AquaNet Pacific is an effective water-based anti-fouling impregnation for net bags used in the aquaculture industry. AquaNet is a result of 30 years of experience, development and testing carried out in close co-operation with the industry. The product series has been specially developed to ensure a good initial result as well as a long-term anti-fouling effect. Pacifi c has two strength options (standard and high) – and is tailor-made for the conditions in the Pacific.

AquaNet Pacific is an excellent water-based, anti-fouling impregnation for nets used in the aquaculture industry. It has been specially developed for the Pacific and is supplied in two strengths (standard – high) with varied degrees of dilution (see table).

Application and drying:
AquaNet Pacific is diluted as shown in the table below. Dilution is carried out by adding fresh water to the concentrate while gently stirring. The diluted AquaNet Pacific is easy to apply to both new and used nets. The impregnation should be stirred carefully before dipping and the level of absorption will depend on the type of filament and braiding of net. It is important that used nets are clean and dry prior to treatment. Application is best carried out at a net producer or service station with specialized application and drying facilities. As AquaNet Pacific is water-based, a treated net must not be exposed to water or moisture before the impregnation is completely dry.

Storage and transport:
It is recommended that nets treated with AquaNet Pacific are stored and transported in accordance with the net supplier’s user manual. Storage: IBCs must under no circumstance be exposed to direct sunlight.

Temperature: IBCs must not be exposed to temperatures below 5°C

A treated net should be put to sea in accordance with the net supplier’s user manual. We recommend that an impregnated net is handled with care in order to avoid damage or wear and tear to the impregnation. There are no compulsory protective measures necessary with regard to people in contact with a net that has been treated with AquaNet Pacific, but it is generally recommended to use gloves. The anti-fouling effect will begin immediately after putting a treated net into the sea, and in addition to anti-fouling, AquaNet Pacific will also protect the netting against UV rays.

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