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  • Works with a 12 V battery; can be worked with tractor, automobile or motorcycle battery. Its energy consumption is at minimum level.
  • Its head’s weight is 1.3 kg and its total weight is 1.99 kg for a length of 2.4 mt. Considering its total weight, it is one of the lightest harvesting machines.
  • It has no stepping engine. Thanks to its workability at a speed that is as fast as you want, it can be worked at different speeds depending on olive preponderance and form of the branch.

It can be optionally worked at speeds between 600 and 1200.

  • Vibration that user feels is at minimum level.
  • With its 14 meters long electric wire, there is no need to keep battery nearby you and wander it around.
  • It is capable of collecting 130-200 kg olive per hour.

Energy Source 12V - 60A Battery
Power600 W
Total Weight2kg / 4.4 lbs.
Width33.5 cm / 1.09 ft. / 13.1 in.
Height28 cm / 0.91 ft. / 11.02 in.
Length212-362 cm / 6.95-11.87 ft. / 83.46-142.52 in.

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