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Most of plant diseases are caused by fungies that live and multiply in the soil. When we talk about plant protection from diseases first thought that comes to our minds is fungicides. But we usually use fungicides only after we see that diseases are already spreading on our crops. But at this point damage is already done, and the photosynthetic area of our plants has decreased. Of course there are many different plant diseases that are caused by fungies, and can damage different parts of the plant: roots, stem leaves or buds. But the outcome is the same decreasing in plant productivity.

Bactoforce is a unique biological product that is known for its fungicidal properties. It consists of a sertan strain of bacteria bacillus subMis. Bacilus subtilis, a naturally occurring bacteria thatcan be found frelly living in the soil. A sertam strain of Bacilus subtilis that is used in makng Bactoforce was recovered from soil, water, air and decomposing plant material. Afterwards it is grown in special conditions by microbiologists and after a proces of miltiplication prepared for further use in agriculture. The consectrate of Bactoforce is 1x10* and fitting all EU regulations for bacterial products. The bacteria are in a stable form of sphores, therefore the product can be mixed with fertilizers, micro
nutrients and even pesticides. No reducing of bacteria has been spoted during testing period.

How it works?

Bacillus subtilis bacteria produce antibiotics, including some called itunns, which help the bacteria compete with other micrcwrganisms ertherby killing them or reducrg theirgrowth rate. When applied directly to seeds, B. subttis bacteria colonize the developing root system, competing with various disease organisms that attack root systems. Bacillus subtilis also rhibrts plant pathogen spore gemination and rterferes with the attachment of the pathogen to the plant. When soil or seed-applied. Bacillus subtl is feeds off plant root exudates, depriving disease pathogens of a food source. Bactoforce works as a prevention from a high outbreak of plant diseases caused by bad plant rotation or extreme weather conditions. Its not likely that the bacteria will Ml all the bad patftogenes r the soil, but it can reduse them to a less harmfull amount to plants. Lots of trials have ben don n the Lithuanian University of Agriculture and in the ASU. Field tests show great results in wheat, rape and barley crops. The amount of plant diseases were reduced from 30% up to 70 %. In some accatwns one ore two less applications of fungicides were needed. ASU trial station helped us to determine that using of Bactoforec is
economically efficient, and they agree with our recomendations of using 2lrterperhectarperyear.

economically efficient, anatney agree wnn our recomenaaDons ot using ^ircerpernectarperyear. Bactolorce can be used in combination with seed dresser 1 liter per 11 ol seed, or it can be sprayed on the soil or plants 1-2 liters per hectare. It can be used in autumn or spring depending on the extent ot the problem in your soil. As with any pesticide, the effectiveness ot Bactoforce will vary depending on the ntensrty of pest pressure and environmental conditions, as welt as application rate, method and frequency Like most biological controls, this material is not a powerful, knock-out type of tool. However, it is low in toxicrty, available at reasonable cost and has the potential to suppress a number of diseases on different crops if used in a preventative fashion. Also as any other pesticide it does not
increase plant productivity, it prevents or reduce's crop losses to d isease.

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