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TheBiofabrik Green Refineryextracts amino acids from renewable resources to solve a major part of the world's nutrition problem. With pastured grass the Bio Refinery opens up a new resource for the food, animal feed, fertilizer, cosmetics and pharma industry.

Ecological fertilizers are not economic

Until the middle of this century, the world's population will have risen to 10 billion people. This development goes along with an increasing demand for food and a constant area of cultivable land at best. To sustain the high yield on the available agricultural land, they have to be fertilized.

Mineral fertilizers (= industrially manufactured synthetic fertilizer), which are most commonly used, correspond to a number of environmental problems. Sustainable organic fertilizers (= naturally grown fertilizer, usually extracted from plants) are much more costly because up to now they have only been produced in highly complex, manufacture-like processes while the required resources need to be specially grown.

The Biofabrik Green Refinery's special resource management concept and the high degree of automation allow a significant reduction of costs. That way fertilizers from renewable resources will soon be offered at the price of conventional mineral fertilizers in.

Comprehensive Malnutrition despite increasing amount of food

Today, a significant part of the population is already suffering from malnutrition. The cause of this is food shortage in the global south, while deficient diets based on processed food lead to malnutrition even in the Western World (full but not nurtured), which correlate to diseases of affluence like high blood pressure, depression and cancer.

A deficient supply of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) is linked to causing diabetes mellitus - a metabolic disorder that affected up to 8.9% of Germans in 2007 and which is anticipated to increase rapidly.

Using pasture to obtain the amino acids in the Bio Refinery represents a new healthy alternative to industrially synthesized amino acids of partly questionable origin. As so-calledbuilding blocks of life they provide a basis for healthy food and supplements which are able to balance malnutrition. Additionally, a cheap, full-fledged nutrition complex will be developed in the near future to supply famine afflicted countries.

More than 12 years of research for a healthy diet

The Bio Refinery of Biofabrik's Green Refinery® has been developed over a time scale of 12 years. The fundamental process was designed at the University of Linz and introduced into the markets by Biofabrik, turning the technology into a business model and consumable products.

The Refinery works in symbiosis with grass processing industries, for example grass-based biogas plants, which not only already exhibit the required infrastructure but also hold large amounts of the resources on site. Only the relevant substances are being extracted from the grass while the remaining material proceeds to be processed as normal.

The Bio Refinery represents an additional source of revenue without investments or expenditures and is suitable for CHP bonus. For the first time, biogas plants become independent from government aid and are able to operate profitably on their own. That way, sustainable energy and sustainable nutrition are generated in a symbiotic process.

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