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Earthworms are vital to the soil. Their burrows allow air and water to flow, but more importantly, they digest organic matter and excrete it as worm castings, a vital component in fertile soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers, Black Castings will not burn plants or trees, and are completely safe to handle. Black Castings also break down much more slowly than traditional fertilizers.

Many chemical fertilizers are loaded down with huge quantities of quickly-available nutrients, but plants can only absorb so much in a given period, meaning everything that the plant doesn’t use right away is wasted.

Black Castings, on the other hand, break down much more slowly, feeding plants only as needed, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, making Black Castings very cost-effective.

Black Castings:

  • Are produced by earthworms fed a high-quality diet
  • Add organic matter to the soil
  • Improve soil structure
  • Are not produced with yard waste
  • Are not made with horse, cow, or any other grazing animal manure
  • Break down slowly, reducing the need for repeated applications, making Black Castings very cost-effective

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