- Model AT3000 - Liquid Injection Applicator



The BLU-JET AT3000 Liquid Injection Applicator combines the best in precision liquid application technology with unmatched versatility. Whether the intended use is for private, rental, or custom application, the AT3000 can be configured to meet your needs.


The AT3000 is specifically designed to support the heavy loads of the liquid fertilizer it carries. Large tractor tires increase flotation and traction during field operation. The short coupled, fully integrated, tongue and hitch maximize implement tracking while reducing drift on hillsides. The 1,000 gallon elliptical tank is mounted parallel to the toolbar to reduce the effects of liquid sloshing within the tank due to variances in speed and terrain, eliminating excessive hitch and tongue wear. The tank sits directly over the implement axle, and does not raise and lower with the toolbar, which eliminates large shifts in tongue weight seen on some competitive brands.


The importance of getting the most out of every machine purchased is essential. The Deluxe Fold Frame on AT3000 allows custom application and rental fleet managers the ability to side dress behind more than one planter size. The 15R30 AT3000's (configured to follow 16 row 30' planters) outer wing can be folded and turned off for an 11 drop machine (configured to follow 12 row 30' planters). This allows one applicator to cover both 30' and 40' planter sizes. Additional stagger bracket, coulter configurations, and axle widths are also available to configure AT3000 to match numerous spacing and placement options.

Precision Distribution

With today's high fertilizer prices, accurate fertilizer rates are more important now than any other time in history. That's why the BLU-JET AT3000 gives you the option of a tire on tire pump drive with a piston pump, or a hydraulically driven centrifugal pump. The tire on tire drive has proven to be more accurate when compared to tire on ground drive systems due to inconsistencies in soil and terrain. The hydraulically driven centrifugal pump option provides you the ability for variable rate and sectional control; allowing the operator to be more precise in fields where the nutrient requirements vary. Both pump systems are fully integrated with the 3/4' EDPM manifold and row units.

Precision Placement

The BLU-JET Super 1200 Coulter sustains accurate depth and cutting pressure for consistent nutrient placement. Your choice of either high pressure injection nozzles or low disturbance coulter mounted knives ensure the fertilizer is delivered into the root zone to maximize results. Numerous row configurations and spacings ensure AT3000 can be configured properly to match your soil type and cropping operation. BLU-JET doesn't purchase coulters from other manufacturer's like some of our marketplace competitors. We proudly build our own coulter, which is known throughout the industry for its durability and low maintenance operation. This means when you buy an AT3000, BLU-JET stands behind both the applicator and the row unit.

Often Imitated...

BLU-JET was the first to offer a short coupled, fully integrated, tongue and hitch; and the first to offer a liquid injection applicator with tractor tires for better flotation. It is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that is so, then the AT3000 has earned very high praise from a large number of its competitors as many have developed similar designs. It is also often said that a copy is never as good as the original.


When it comes to trouble free operation, experience matters. BLU-JET has been in the business of manufacturing fertilizer injection application equipment almost as long as the company has been in business - over 40 years. Like many of our customers, we're a small town family owned and operated business that cares about quality and customer satisfaction. That's why we stand behind all BLU-JET products with an industry leading 5 year frame warranty.

  • 1000 Gallon Elliptical Tank
  • 7'x7' Folding Toolbar
  • 11R30 Single Fold Wing / 15R30 Double Fold Wing
  • ¾' EPDM Continuous Hose Manifold Assembly
  • Tire on Tire Pump Drive
  • 2' Bottom Fill Plumbing Kit
  • 30,400 lb. Transport Chain

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