- Model 105 - Dip or Spray



BovaPro Dips and Sprays are formulated using our proprietary IoPlex process which provides a steady and stable supply of available free iodine for a quick kill, long, stable shelf life, and gentler effect on teat skin. BovaPro Teat Dips and Sprays are formulated to withstand freeze / thaw cycles without the loss or fall-out of iodine. Glycerin is the only skin emollient used in BovaPro Teat Dips and Sprays because of its superior softening and conditioning characteristics. Formulated in .5% and 1% Iodine concentrations, with emollients packages from 0% to 50%.BovaPro Dips have a richer consistency that adheres to teat skin. Sprays are thinner and suitable for spray systems. Available in 5, 15, 55 and 275 gallon totes.

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