- Cool Season Non-Legumes


This unique cover crop species is very popular in Europe, where we found it in wide use. It features a very intense soil conditioning effect in the top two inches of soil. While not a deep tiller in terms of root depth, it is one of the best soil improvers we've seen in terms of its ability to aggregate soil particles into the type of crumbly aggregate structure that is typical of high quality soils. CCS Phacelia is best used in mixes at a rate of about 1 pound per acre. It winterkills when temperatures reach the mid teens.


CCS Winter Forage Triticale (trit'-e-ka'-lee) is a hybrid cross between durum wheat and cereal rye.

As an easy to grow, highly versatile cover crop, it can be a better choice for cover crop applications than standard cereal rye because it grows slower in the spring while producing a very high quality biomass.

Features include an aggressive root system, winter hardiness, and early season prostrate growth – which gives it superior ground covering, weed suppressing abilities. Other noticeable features are it’s deep, dark-green color, wide leaves and healthy plant. All of these features point to its attractiveness as a cover crop.

CCS Winter Forage Triticale™ is also a high quality winter forage, and, compared with cereal rye, offers a wider management window in the spring, when field access and timing is critical for burndown and planting.

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