- Model 14 - Walk Behind Rice Transplanter



The PADDY PANTHER 14 from CLAAS will help farmers with the growing labor shortage and costs while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency and yield.

PADDY PANTHER 14. The benefits.

  • 2 persons can average 3-4 acre/day
  • 10-15% more yield than manual transplantation
  • 20% less water required versus manual transplantation
  • Even growth of the plant and effective tillering
  • Easier to receive sunshine for the plant to get a uniform field
CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 - Walk-behind paddy transplanter.

In a country where rice is the main staple food for more than 1,2 billion people it is very important to provide the food security to the nation. In India more than 44mn hectare land is under paddy cultivation with a average productivity of 2066 kg/ha. It is time to use the land more efficiently to increase the yield per hectare. The use of walk-behind transplanter PADDY PANTHER 14 from CLAAS will help farmers in handling the increasing problem of acute labor shortage and costs and simultaneously increasing the operational efficiency and yield.

Benefits. Why should you use a transplanter.

Ideal for the independent farmer.

Usually 6-7 laborers are required to transplant 2 acres of paddy in one day. Now with PADDY PANTHER 14 the farmer can transplant one acre in 2-2.5 hours with transplanting speed of 0.7 m/s and a total efficiency of 3-4 acres per day, making the work swifter and easier.

How you Transplant Efficient.
The success of your harvest depends on a good transplant. It is recommended to use a young /medium seedling for a higher yield per acre.

With PADDY PANTHER 14 you will enabled to transplant more than 30 plants/sq.mt. of young /medium seedlings which increases your profit per acre as compared to manual transplanting.

The row to row distance is fixed where as the hill to hill spacing can be adjust on requirement as per the type of soil, seed and cropping pattern in the area. It is recommended that 2-3 seedlings should be transplanted per hill which is quite efficiently possible with the transplanter. The PADDY PANTHER 14 also has the option to vary the number seedlings per hill from 1 to 8 plants /hill.

Benefits of even space:
  • Even growth of the plant and effective tillering
  • Easier to receive sunshine for the plant to get a uniform field
  • It provides enough space that allows the wind to flow in between the crop and reduces crop damage
  • Easier to remove weeds
  • Moving in the field with a sprayer will be easier
  • Better harvesting with lesser grain loss and fuel consumption
  • More yield per acre

Economical and environmental friendly.

The efficient 3 HP, 4 cycle air cooled electronic engine provides enough power for comfortable and efficient working even under difficult field conditions. The outstanding fuel efficiency reduces the operational cost as well. Engine has an easy recoil starting system and can be started with a very light pull.

Smoother shifting, better fuel economy.

A unique combination of sliding & constant mesh type gear box and hydraulic pump with two forward and one reverse gear is specially designed and manufactured according to Indian rice transplanting conditions.

Maximum operational speed of 0.7 m/s makes it 20 times more efficient than manual transplanting through laborers and results in more area coverage with less manpower.

With the second gear for transportation the machine can reach a travelling speed of 1.4m/sec to move fast from one field to another.

Floating Device.

Three hollow floats made of high density poly ethylene material prevents the machine from sinking in the puddled field. Two floats on the both side of the chassis maintains the level with respect to surface of the field. Central float acts a part of the automatic depth control system.

Nursery Feeding.

Rice Seedlings with height of 6-8 inches are placed on the seedling platform divided in to four equal parts. Movement of this seedling platform is controlled by hydraulic distributor making it more reliable than the mechanical type.


Transplanting claws fixed to planting arms picks the seedling from the nursery platform and with the help of précised cranking mechanism safely transplants the Seedlings in to the field soil without any damage to the roots.

Automatic Depth Control.

Highly sensitive automatic depth control system provides constant planting environment irrespective of the unleveled land conditions. This mechanism provides the maximum precision and effectiveness resulting in no floating and damaged rice seedlings. This mechanism also acts as safety device and protects the machine body from the excessive pressure made by stone, obstacles, etc.

Transplanting Adjustment.

Availability of Single Lever adjustments for Hill to Hill spacing , no. of plants per hill and depth adjustments makes it suitable for various varieties and different field conditions, irrespective of soft or hard soil.

User Friendly Control levers.

All the operational levers are conveniently located and with in the easy reach of the operator make sit more user friendly.

The handle is designed for better ergonomics so that operator can use the PADDY PANTHER 14 continuously for longer period of time with minimal fatigue.

Center and Side Markers.

The two side makers on each side and the central pillow of the machine guides the operator in maintaining row to row distance and to transplant the nursery efficiently in straight lines even after taking the turn and henceforth increase the productivity.

Hydraulic Operating System.

Up and down movement of the whole machine is controlled with a single lever. The hydraulic operating system lifts up the body of the PADDY PANTHER 14 and makes it easy to cross the partitions between the fields and to load the transplanter On pick up vehicle truck for easy and long distance transportations.


Availability of headlight allows PADDY PANTHER 14 to operate during the night also and makes it more efficient and profitable for the owner.

Ease to maintenance.

Hood of the PADDY PANTHER 14 can be easily removed by loosening the screws within seconds without the use of any tool. Easy approach to the engine parts and area makes the routine maintenance and inspection quick and comfortable. All the greasing points and oil filling points are visible and well positioned.

Cleaning and Washing.

PADDY PANTHER 14 is equipped with a small sized and powerful integrated water Washing pump. It is easy to remove the mud and dirt away from PADDY PANTHER 14 after the transplanting is over. These helps to increases the life of machine and saving maintenance cost.

CLAAS Service Advantage.

CLAAS stands behind its products. Strong Dealer network, trained technicians, easily parts availability and the 24h field services on 365 days in the year , provide the best wealth of attitude and resources to keep our customers satisfied and happy.

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