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Pollution Prevent and Control Countermeasures is often difficult for large-scaled livestock and poultry breeding farms, also in the rural family cultivates. Product Overview of Groove Type Compost Maker Machine Groove Type Compost Turner machine, also known as rail compost making equipment, is mainly used for livestock waste treatment, so we can call it “manure composting equipment”. It turns organic waste into organic fertilizer, reducing future environmental problems and supplying high quality organic fertilizers for agriculture. It is with lower power and energy consumption, and can be customized in accordance with farm size and livestock manure amounts produced everyday. One side of the fermentation groove is feed opening, the other side being discharge port. Kinds of organic waste are placed in the fermentation pond, being turned 2-3 times per day by groove type compost maker machine. The finished product is powder organic fertilizers with 20-30% moisture content.

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