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We manufacture a full range of hubs to serve all needs of the agricultural industry, and our experienced engineering design team can create customized solutions to suit your specific needs. At The CTD Group, our hubs, spindles and wheels are produced under the same roof at our 100,000 square foot plant and work seamlessly together to provide you the highest quality and most cost-effective parts for your equipment.

With more than 65 years serving the agricultural, construction, mining, oil & gas industries, our products are built to last and backed by a one year warranty. We stand behind our workmanship, maintain rigid standards through all phases of production and believe in going the extra mile for each and every customer, just as we did when the company was founded in 1947.

CTD's hubs are made from either gray or ductile iron, can be painted or unpainted and fully assembled or delivered as loose components, depending upon your assembly needs. Grease fittings are available upon request.

  • 4-bolt, 5' bolt circle, 3.62' pilot
  • 5-bolt, 5.5 ' bolt circle, 4.00' pilot
  • 6-bolt, 6 ' bolt circle, 4.62' pilot
  • 8-bolt, 8 ' bolt circle, 6' pilot
  • 10-bolt, 11.25 ' bolt circle, 8.69' pilot
  • 10-bolt, 13.19 ' bolt circle, 11.05' pilot

The bolt circle and pilot diameter of agricultural low speed hubs have been specifically designed not to accept automotive wheels. Hub capacities are established on a 20,000 mile, B10 bearing life at tractor speed (20 m.p.h.).

All hubs must be packed with grease during assembly and lubricated every 1000 hours thereafter (as recommended by S.A.E. Standards for lubricating industrial machinery) to assure longer bearing life.

All hub component parts, except cups and studs are shipped separately unless purchased as an assembly.

CTD Ltd. Also Offers a Range of High-Speed Hubs, in the Following Specifications:

  • 4-bolt, 4.0' bolt circle, 2.5' pilot
  • 5-bolt, 4.5' bolt circle, 2.43' pilot
  • 5-bolt, 4.5' bolt circle, 2.50' pilot
  • 5-bolt, 4.5' bolt circle, 2.55' pilot
  • 5-bolt, 4.5' bolt circle, 2.81' pilot
  • 5-bolt, 4.5' bolt circle, 3.28' pilot

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