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- Copper Gluconate & Copper Deficiency Corrector



CUC is a product conceived to contribute Copper through foilar way, that penatrates in the leaves and because of its systemic action, is transported by the whole plant. Among its effects is very important its action in the enzymatical processes and in the photosynthesis, providing to the plant of higher resistance. It does not wash with the rain because its absorbed totally by the plants in 2 hours. Its systemic feature is the most important fact. If applicated does not constitute stres. It protects fruits 20-25 days, vegetables 18-20 days. It can be applicated to all plants every period with comfort. It does no harm in bloom.


  • Fruits: 200-300ml/hl
  • Vegetables: 200-300ml/hl
  • Vine: 200-300ml/hl
  • Citrus: 150-200ml/hl
  • Olives: 200-300ml/hl
  • Ornament flowers: 150-200ml/hl
  • Grass(Green areas): 200-300ml/hl
  • Drip irrigation: 500-1500ml/da

Guaranteed contents

  • 8% w/v Copper (Cu) – Density: 1.3


  • Can be mixed with all agro-chemicals except for polysulfides, phosphates and highli alcalic products

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