Hydrorock International B.V.

Model D - Rainwater Discharge & Buffering System


Application Buffering and drainage (horizontal). Application Buffering and infiltration (vertical). Material 100% stone wool with membrane of filter cloth. Buffer capacity 94% of the volume (HD version 90%). Load bearing capacity Max. 2000 kg per m² (HD version 4000 kg per m²)

Environmentally friendly drainage and buffering

Hydrorock® infiltration blocks drain and buffer surface water and rainwater in an environmentally friendly way. The unique natural material absorbs excess surface water and rainwater with a capacity of max. 94% of the volume. Filter cloth takes care of gradual infiltration into the surrounding soil. Hydrorock® is a new type of rainwater buffer that stores more rain- and surface water, but requires less digging activity. Therefore Hydrorock® blocks offer a higher water absorption and a more efficient infiltration and drainage.

  • Drainage for the prevention of flooding on (heavily loaded) paved surfaces, in gardens, around buildings and sports fields.
  • Ideal for drainage and infiltration of rainwater for houses with thatched roofs.
  • Prevention of flooding in rural areas.
  • Local rainwater buffering and drainage. Surface water is supplemented in a natural way.
  • Prevents dehydration of the soil. Trees and plants enjoy rainwater longer.
Easy installation

Hydrorock®  blocks are available in slim blocks of different sizes and densities. The enormous buffering capacity and its dimensions limit the necessary digging activities. Dependent on the application, the blocks are placed either next to each other or behind each other and thus respectively form the desired buffering, drainage- or infiltration system. Always fitting for each desired capacity and situation. Only the digging of small trenches is required and the cost for the removal of surplus soil is limited. In other words, flexibility and simplicity.


Hydrorock® is manufactured from stone wool, a 100% natural material. Underground the Hydrorock® infiltration blocks maintain an excellent condition for decades. Standard synthetic buffers suffer from surface damages and need replacement. Hydrorock® is resistant against erosion by plant and tree roots. The cotton-based membrane of the filter cloth does not mould or rot. It has a large breaking strength and is resistant against the natural materials in the soil.

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