- Model DSGR 4000i - Fertilizer Blockage Sensor



DSGR 4000i blockage sensors detect solid fertilizer flow continuity on precision planters, air drills or mechanic drills. Each optomodule possess an intelligent processor unit run by microcontroller. Linear connection and interchangeability make installation easy done in short time.

  • Granular fertilizer flow/blockage detection
  • Detection and display of dust accumulation on seed sensor or blockage (DCD)*
  • For air drills/mech drills/planters up to 128 rows
  • Available for air hoses with 25-35 mm diameter
  • Particle detection with 4 infras
  • Durable Design

  • Sensor Type: Photocell
  • Standard Sensing Objects: fertilizers (eg.: granular fertilizer, microgranulates)
  • Minimum Detectable Object size*: 0.5-1 mm
  • Maximum Speed of Detectable Objects: cca.20m/s
  • Optical Detection Elements: 4-pair
  • Detection proccess: Digital Signal Procession
  • DDC – Dust Detection & Compensation**
  • Cleaning Alarm: Automatic – send alerts if the sensor optics surface dust is too high**

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