- Model Super B - Legacy Aluminum Open End Grain Trailer


The Doepker Legacy is the lightest and strongest aluminum Super B grain trailer on market. Our Doepker designed Uni-Link system offers innovative, cutting edge technology that gives strength never seen before on an aluminum trailer. Our exclusive 1-piece aluminum honeycomb slope, also used in the construction of aircrafts, uses a minimal amount of rivets and has no horizontal seams or rivets giving unmatchable cleanout. The smooth double-wall aluminum design gives the best of both worlds: an aerodynamic outer skin complimenting optimal inside cleanout.

Our 'first to market' open end dual aluminum wall design allows you to easily clean and maintain the suspension and slope area from road contaminants that will ensure the Legacy is the longest lasting trailer on the road.  Couple this to massive curb appeal in combination of its ability to carry the largest payload makes the Legacy irresistible.  Visit your local dealer to view and discuss all of the great and numerous Doepker advantages and options on this grain trailer.


Doepker Uni-Link

The innovative Doepker Uni-Link design provides unbeatable strength.


One-Piece Honeycomb Slopesheets

One-piece Honeycomb slopes provide excellent cleanout inside and are easy to maintain outside.


Extruded Top Rail

The sloped top rail enhances cleanout - 1 less place for product to hang up in the trailer


3 Tier Pedestal Step

User friendly and stable 3 tier pedestal step provides easy access between the trailers for tarp operation.


Aluminum Air Tanks

Standard aluminum air tanks not only hold up better and are more appealing over time, they also help eliminate corrosion. This corrosion that is found inside steel air tanks also passes through expensive valving on the trailer. Aluminum air tanks will increase air valve life.


Sealed Wiring Harness

Our custom sealed wiring harness specifically made for our Canadian environments ensures optimum life of the wiring on your trailer.

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