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- Model WT6868 or WT7774 - Light Tine Cultivator



The Aitchison wideline cultivator is designed as a finishing machine for field cultivation. It is a trailed 6.85 metre (23 foot) or 7.75 metre (25 foot) folding machine ideally suited for those wishing to minimise seed-bed preparation time. The floating gangs follow the ground contour giving unequalled coverage. The Easyflow utilises a unique quadrant action lift mechanism. Not only does a single cam fold the cultivator, but it also enables the operator to release any gathered trash that may accumulate, without the need to stop. Simply raise the rear, and the trash passes through.

Easyflow has a very heavy duty frame which is fitted with four rows of strong triple K tines. These have an excellent reputation as a finishing tine.

The rear crumbler rollers are 300mm (12') diameter. The reduced soil particles produced by the tines are further worked by these rollers leaving crumb on top and fines 50mm (2') below the surface. Seedbed preparation is quick and efficient, saving both time and costs.

No. of Tines 68 or 74
Overall Width 6.85m or 7.75m
Roller Diameter 30cm
Weight 1350 or 1500 kgs

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