- Zinc

Nitrogen(N–NH2) – 3.6% Zinc(Zn) – 8.5% ______________________ Density 1.3 g/ml pH 6.5 ECOLINE ZINC – liquid fertilizer in the form of zinc EDTA chelates for demanding crops: corn, legumes, fruit, grapes, vegetables. Zinc is involved in redox processes, in the biosynthesis of growth promoters in the plant organism, activates at least 13 enzymes. When zinc deficiency the assimilation of ammonia nitrogen, accumulation of sugars are reduced, the number of organic acids is increased, protein synthesis is disturbed; thus increasing the content of non-protein nitrogen compounds - amino acids and amides. Signs of zinc deficiency: In the vegetable appears spotting of upper leaves that become yellowish, with a bronze tint. On tomatoes are created abnormally small chlorotic leaves.

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