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Need a solution that ties in all critical weather and soil monitoring information into one logical package? Gro·Point™ Wireless makes it easy for one person to monitor large sites with diverse terrain and challenging conditions. The information provided enables growers and irrigation managers to grow higher quality crops with better yields.

Eliminate driving around to check on different areas to try and protect your crops during regular watering cycles or when frost threatens. Now you can monitor ALL areas of your site from your computer through an easy too use computer program that lets you click on the different areas of your farm, winery, field or golf course and see instantly exactly what’s going on. Additional email alerts extend the alarm package to your Smart phone or PDA.

Small budget? No worries. Gro·Point™ Wireless is a modular and scalable system. You can start small and grow to monitor even the largest acreages. There simply is no other monitoring system that combines precision measurement sensors with a scalable solution for reporting and monitoring.

  • Radio Range: 3 mile, 5 Km line of site with radios; unlimited with cell modem add on
  • Sensor types: Soil Moisture, Temperature, Salinity, Pressure, Flow, Weather Station sensors (Additional sensors can be added on request. Please check with your ESI representative)
  • Software: Desktop or Web Based software available Windows XP and Vista Compatible

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