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- Express Mulcher, a product line of Express Blower

Meet the Express Mulcher - a different kind of blower truck built by Express Blower, Inc. ADD ANOTHER TOOL TO YOUR TOOLBOX! The Express Mulcher™ is designed to haul and spread large quantities of processed mulches, wood chips, and lightweight compost. It’s not for aggregates or heavier soil blends, but it makes a great addition to an already existing blower truck business. Used properly and with the appropriate materials, it can blow up to 60 cubic yards an hour. - Reversible Hallco LIVE FLOOR -Polished Aluminum Box -Hydraulic Hose Reel -Standard Express Blower Warranty -Technical Support -Training Provided Available in two sizes. The model SD is an approximate 40 cubic yard material box and the model EX is an approximate 50 cubic yard material box.

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