- Model GL4/K - Fruit Growers Mower



The “Fischer Mower” is the fi rst in the world designed, developed and manufactured in-house especially for “V”-shaped plantations - those on two different, essentially opposite inclinations! The GL4/K model can be used on any terrain requiring general adaptability and versatility. The counter-rotating sickle blades not only cut the grass perfectly but can also work vertically. Available in three different models, the GL4/K is extremely adaptable to all situations and can cut the grass between a plantation’s rows in one swoop.

 Moreover, it does not damage even short-stemmed trees in orchards when mowing and can cut the grass in a uniform way the entire width of the plantations, even when there are troughs and changes in inclination. The “GL4/K” model of the “Fischer Mower” is smooth and compact in design, offering consumers that high standard of quality and professionalism always  recognized and appreciated worldwide! GL4/K grass mower with side panels for removing the grass Safety hooks for road transport Gear unit Hydraulic flow divider Hydraulic pistons with floating valve Protective chains.

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