- Hammer Mower without Swing Disk


Hammer mower with double sided free swinging cutting blades. It is ideal for cutting grass and for light pruning waste such as vine shoots. The characteristics which make the Flaily into a machine ideally suited for the maintenance of grassy surfaces are: the cutting up of grass into very small pieces, made possible by a great number of small cutting blades, the even distribution of the cut grass and the high speed cutting.
A relatively low weight, low energy consumption and a compact construction are the important elements which make this machine ideally suited to very varied circumstances, from working in steep terrain to the maintenance of public spaces (parks, sports grounds, airports, etc).

  • Double sided free swinging cutting blades
  • Rear levelling roller, height adjustable with two bearings
  • Mechanic side shift
  • 3 point linkage ISO cat I or II
  • Angle gear 540 revs/min HERMES (on some models the rotation can be reversed)
  • Roller scraper
  • Power take-off 1 3/8” Z=6

  • Hydraulic side shift
  • Hydraulic feature with one or two swing disks with cutting blades (diameter 35/45/55 cm)
  • Hydraulic feature with one or two rakes with adjustable cutting height
  • Weeding facility
  • Gear box positioned extra low
  • Front or rear Power Take Off with free wheel

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