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The transplanter FLORIDA, suitable for the planting of speedlings plants, has the independent planting units with parallelogram, which guarantees an exact working depth even on irregular soils, plants PVC carousel distribution with 6 or 10 cups. Equalizer with front rubber Farmflex wheel, big plants falling pipe of stainless steel, guillotine for plants support. The transplanters are available in the version STM with single toolbar and in the version STDM with double toolbar. The FLORIDA transplanter has a high production: 4.000 plants/hour per unit for 6 cups model and 6.000 plants/hour per unit for 10 cups model.

FLORIDA is suitable to the plants with cone, cubic-shaped turfs and with cylindrical turfs (speedlings). FLORIDA permits a perfect transplanting even of high and/or difficult plant as tobacco, but is suitable also for lettuce, salad, tomato, cabbage etc.

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