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Every aspect of the GL System 10 Truck Auger has been designed and engineered to make your grain bagging operations more efficient and productive. Perfectly matched for the GL-10 Bag Loader, it builds a powerful system that is unrivaled in the grain bagging industry. Agriculture professionals recognize and require the reliability, versatility and speed that comes from design experience and skilled craftsmanship. They look to the leader in grain bagging equipment innovation - Loftness. When the challenge is time, you can count on the performance of the GL System 10 Truck Auger.

When the challenge is time, you can count on the performance of the GL System 10 Truck Auger.

With a transfer rate of 11,600 bushels per hour, your semi drivers will have more time to get the next load. But speed isn't the only advantage GL-10 Truck Auger owners appreciate. Loftness approached the development of the GrainLogix line of grain bagging equipment with the understanding that the most important component of your grain bagging strategy is the quality and reliability of the equipment you use. Talk with any GrainLogix equipment owner and you'll hear the same story —consistent performance load after load.

Innovative features set the standard for reliability and ease of use.

The Loftness GL-10 Truck Auger makes your grain bagging more efficient by using hydraulic drive wheels that swing the hopper into position. It is designed and developed to give the operator precise positioning of the hopper under the truck discharge as the bag loader progresses. Control is enhanced by means of a center-mounted skid-plate under the hopper, providing a pivot point as the GL-10 loader advances.

When in storage, the swing auger can be folded into the storage-transport position. The power shaft can be disconnected allowing the operator to discharge grain from a combine or grain cart directly into the main hopper of the GL-10 Loader.

  • TRUCK AUGER OPTION Truck Auger Kit : N33299 (for GBL10 SN 52-743 and larger)
  • TRUCK AUGER OPTION Truck Auger Kit : N27921 (for GBL10 SN 52-147 - 52-742)
  • UNIT WEIGHT 4540 lbs
  • COMBINED WEIGHT 8620 lbs (Truck Auger and GBL10)
  • TRACTOR REQUIRMENT 120 HP - 1000 RPM PTO (with GBL10)

  • Hydraulic Transport Kit : N33659
  • Electric Swing Hopper Lift Winch Kit : N33113
  • Hydraulic Swing Hopper Lift Winch Kit : N33093
  • LED Work Light Kit : N33060
  • PTO 1-3/8, 1000 RPM : N29020
  • PTO 1-3/4, 1000 RPM : N29021
  • Transport Wheels : N30653

  • Model Number: N27921
  • Operating Weight: 4540 pounds
  • Operating Dimensions: 
  • Length 30' 1' with GBL
  • Width 23' 3'
  • Height 10' 9'
  • Storage/Travel Dimensions: 
  • Length 30' 1' with GBL
  • Width 12' 10'
  • Height 10' 9'
  • Hopper Dimensions: 
  • GL-10 Truck Unloading Auger 40 in. X 82 in. X 12 in.
  • GL-10 Truck Unloading Auger w/extension 40 in. X 82 in. X 19 in.
  • PTO: 
  • RPM 1000
  • Horsepower 120
  • Shaft Size/Type 1 3/8 or 1 3/4
  • PTO Driveline Type Walterscheid W2400
  • Hydraulics: 
  • GPM (required) 6
  • PSI (required) 2,000
  • Connector Type Quick Couplers
  • Auger Sizes: 
  • Primary Auger 14 in. / 540 RPM
  • Secondary Auger 14 in. / 540 RPM
  • Twin Hopper Auger 7 in. / 750 RPM
  • Wheels/Tires: 
  • Op. Wheels/Size/Type 15', 16-6.5, Foam Filled
  • Transp. Wheels/Size/Type 245 / 70 R17.5 Hiway
  • Performance: 
  • Transfer Capacity 11,900 Bushels/Hr.

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