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- Model 560, 566 & 680 - Agricultural Pneumatic Conveyors


The versatility, flexibility, and performance of Handlair® is unmatched in the grain vac industry. Unlike most grain vacs which are limited to truck loading, a Handlair can fill tall bins, silos, and flat storage; transfer grain over long distances (several hundred feet); and gently handle seed grains – all while using lightweight 4″ to 6″ piping that makes set-up, operation, and take-down a breeze. Developed and built for years of service in the heart of USA’s corn and soybean country, Handlair continues to set performance standards for grain vacs.

More seed companies own a Handlair than all others put together.

When it comes to grain handling damage, seed companies are a demanding group. They’re very fussy about their seed handling equipment because seed handling damage costs them money – big money. Handlair revolutionized the seed industry by becoming the first pneumatic conveyor to pass test after test for handling damage – proving itself as the seed mover of choice for leading seed companies everywhere.

Make sure you look under the hood.

The two primary components of all push/pull pneumatic conveyors are the airlock and blower. The quality and design of these two components significantly impacts the performance, service life, and value of a grain vac.

For example, Handlair’s heavy-duty cast blow-through airlock with adjustable steel tips will keep operating when others plug or under-perform. As each rotor pocket containing grain passes in front of the blower’s discharge, the pocket is cleaned from the pressurized air passing directly through it – hence the term “blow-through airlock”. This results in higher conveying efficiency and better performance.

The Handlair positive displacement blower with hardened gears, high-quality bearings and seals can operate at pressures 25-50% higher, providing unequaled conveying performance.

Handlair 560, 566 and 680 grain vacs include the following features unless noted as an option:

Piping: 4, 5, or 6″

Easy to handle 4, 5 or 6″ piping, with camlock couplers, gives you perfect alignment and positive seal at every connection. No loose clamps or gaskets. Recommended piping packages and center bin unloading nozzles are available. Also complete piping systems available for bins or silos, large or small.

Offset-hitch Frame

Patented frame design with an offset hitch gives plenty of truck clearance when using a tractor with duals or long axles.

Fender Package

Heavy-duty fenders with rubber mud flaps.

They do what a fender is supposed to do, and they look great.

Swivel Truck-Loading-Kit (TLK)

Swivel Truck-Loading-Kit (TLK) allows truck loading from the side, corner, or rear of the machine.

Raised and lowered via a handy crank winch, the TLK uses heavy-duty bearings for stability during unloading.


  • Standard truck loading clearance of 12′ 2″.
  • 360° rotational movement.
  • Locking safety pin for storage and transport.

Hydraulic Truck Loading Kit Package (optional)

Hydraulically raised and lowered at a touch of a lever.

Camlock Coupled Lower TLK Elbow
(Standard on Models 560 & 566)

The camlock coupled lower TLK elbow easily detaches without tools for applications where the truck loading kit is not required – like filling bins and silos, or long horizontal transfers.

Camlock couplers ensure positive alignment and sealing at every pipe connection.

Seed Handling Discharge Cyclone (optional)

A 24″ Seed Handling Discharge Cyclone is available in lieu of the 20″ standard discharge cyclone.

Discharge Cyclone Liners and Rubber Boots (optional)

Barrel and cone liners dramatically extend the life of a discharge cyclone.

  • 20″ unlined discharge cyclone is standard.
    Barrel liner only or barrel and cone liner for 20″ discharge cyclone (optional).
  • 24″ unlined Seed Handling Discharge Cyclone (optional).
    Barrel liner only or barrel and cone liner for 24″ discharge cyclone (optional).

Rubber outlet boots gently direct grain flow to discharge in a tight pattern.

  • 9″ rubber discharge boot for 20″ discharge cyclone (optional).
  • 11″ rubber discharge boot for 24″ discharge cyclone (optional).

High Clearance TLK (optional)

When loading into extra high grain trucks, an extended truck loading kit with 13’6″ of clearance is available.


The Handlair 560 and 566 utilize a 1.56 cubic foot per revolution Christianson heavy duty airlock.

The Handlair 680 utilizes a 2.7 cu. ft per revolution Christianson heavy duty airlock.

Special features include:

  • Blow-through design for efficiency and superior rotor pocket clearing.
  • Extra-large throat for maximum through-put and minimized product bridging.
  • Angled housing for reduced torque rotor turning.
  • Adjustable and replaceable tips for longer airlock life and better performance.
  • Pressure-Vacuum cross venting for better performance.
  • Direct-coupled reversible hydraulic drive with overload protection.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron housing for better rigidity and strength.

Chrome Hardened Airlock (optional)

The airlock can be chrome hardened in a special process for extra wear resistance.

Hour Meter (optional)

Timely service of your Handlair extends its life and helps maintain optimum performance.

Track Handlair operating time with the hour meter – also great for rental or custom transfer work.

Positive Displacement Air Pump (Blower)

Heavy-duty commercial air pump with hardened gears, high-quality bearings and seals for long life, unequalled efficiency and performance. Heaviest in the industry!


New self-cleaning blower silencer for extremely quiet operation.

Swivel Cyclone

Main machine cyclone for grain and vacuum intake.

  • Two-piece construction for easy maintenance access and/or installation of optional wear liner.
  • 270° rotation/positioning – set your intake pipe in best position for job.
  • Integrated self-cleaning stainless steel backup filter screen.

Machine Cyclone Liners (optional)

For abrasive grains like soybeans or high volume users, barrel and cone wear liners are recommended for the main machine cyclone.

Air Filtration System – AFS

The AFS removes a majority of the abrasive or sticky dust from air stream that is sucked back into the blower. Highly efficient and virtually maintenance-free except for periodic dumping.

Gearbox Drive

Gearbox drive for direct, smooth power transmission. Unibody design with hardened gears. No belts or chains.

  • Side-loading of the blower shaft and bearings is eliminated.
  • Very efficient (no loss of power from belt slippage).
  • Reliable – gears and bearings continuously lubricated in oil bath.

The PTO shaft with protective clutch provides smooth and safe power transmission to the blower. Shear bolts are eliminated.

Remote Hydraulic Control

Conveniently located control lever(s) for operating tractor hydraulic powered components as follows:

  • Airlock (forward, off, and reverse)
  • Truck-Loading-Kit (raise and lower) (optional – if equipped)

Self-Contained Hydraulic System (optional)

With Handlair’s most popular option, you never have to connect hoses to your tractor, switch hose ends, or risk contamination to your tractor’s hydraulic system. Especially important for multi-owner and rental units.

Hydraulic power for the airlock and truck loading kit ram (if equipped).

Comes complete with:

  • Gauge
  • Filter
  • Reservoir tank
  • Vacuum Gauge

Easy to read vacuum gauge allows the operator to monitor machine operation.

Vacuum Gauge

Easy to read vacuum gauge allows the operator to monitor machine operation.

Pressure Gauge (optional)

Handy for pressure conveying applications, easy to read 2″ liquid filled pressure gauge helps the operator set and monitor machine operation.

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