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Model Header Series - Vertical Pit Liquid Manure Pumps



The Nuhn Triple Port Pump is an animal of a pump! I've been pumping manure since 1996, and over that time I've operated many other makes of pumps. Nuhn pumps are hands down way better than the competitor. Their pumps are more reliable, have better performance and are user friendly. With the triple port outlet, it uses 100 hp less than a competitor pump to pump twice as much.


  • Triple port design
    • Having the liquid leave the housing in three locations allows for the liquid to get in and out of the housing at a high rate.
    • This also uses the input power very efficiently as it is not wasted by moving liquid around in the housing
    • Allows for a narrow, large diameter fan that takes less hp, increases liquid velocity and results in high volume
    • Smooth, long radius pipes direct the liquid out of the housing
  • Lofted housing with tapered fan
    • The housing back plate is formed to allow the liquid to be directed upwards with the tapered fan, rather than just outwards like traditional manure pumps.
    • This fan acts more like a boat impellor, lifting the liquid vertically while still in the housing rather than just being pushed horizontally

Drive Line

  • 1 3/4' shaft with 3.25'OD hardened steel drive shaft sections
  • 10' sections of connected with heavy duty 80 series universal joint
  • Completely enclosed drive assembly with G-Force seal and bearing unit on both ends
  • Large clean-out doors for easy access to bearings


  • 4' nozzle to create 45psi of pressure with 4000GPM volume
  • End noozle rotates 360°
  • Main rotation pipe is able to rotate 300°

Additional Standard Features

  • Remote control with 300+ft range
  • Spring loaded grease flush system
  • Strong truss brace frame design
  • Large stroke lift cylinders tor educe strain on undercarriage
  • 9'6' wide undercarriage
  • Stainless steel knife valves


  • Multi Pump
  • Two Point Hitch
  • Three Point Hitch
  • Wheeled Undercarriage

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