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Hiflo-Cator and Practi-Cator


The FULL-FLOTATION 'HIFLO-CATOR' unit and the SEMI-FLOTATION 'PRACTI-CATOR' unit are known for their accuracy, dependability, and convenient features required by today's custom applicators. Both of these units are designed and built to please even the most demanding operators. You can choose the 304 stainless steel tank size to meet your requirements. All tank sizes offer standard features such as: #4 finish stainless tank material - full baffle - full length sump - sight gauge - 16' manhole with 10' fill opening - stainless steel sparger pipe - stainless steel skid - as well as all stainless steel catwalks and catwalk brackets. Stainless steel components reduce maintenance and prolong the life of the units!

The PTO direct-driven Defco pump and metering system provides accurate application rates as well as ground speed sensitivity. The hydraulically operated booms provide total boom control from the cab. Precision's unique boom suspension system will tame even the roughest field terrain. Precision offers various swath widths and nozzle spacing which allow you to design the unit to meet your specifications. Other standard features such as stainless steel plumbing - cab-controlled individual boom shut-off valves and fence row nozzle - fiberglass nozzle box - and a 40 gallon foam marker with stainless steel tank make these units 'rugged', 'dependable' and 'long lasting'.

  • Pressure Wash Kit
  • Handwasher
  • Water Flush-out System
  • Individual Nozzle Shut-Offs
  • 55 ft. Swath Booms
  • 65 ft. Swath Booms
  • 75 ft. Swath Booms
  • Raven Monitor
  • Ag Leader monitor
  • Precision Ag Equi
  • Chemical Eductor
  • Double Conical Tank
  • 85 gal. S.S. Foam Tank
  • 30' Nozzle Spacing
  • Hydraulic Drive Product Pump

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