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Nonionic Soil and Turf Wetting Agent For Irrigation Injection. Hydro-Wet Injectable improves infiltration and penetration of rainfall and irrigation water. Minimizes water loss due to run-off and evaporation. Formulated for use with irrigation system metering equipment. Hydro-Wet’s high affinity for water drives down surface moisture to avoid spongy turf and standing water. When university tested in comparison to 10 leading competitors, Hydro-Wet provided superior performance at reducing soil repellency.

Problem Solved With Hydro-Wet Injectable

  • If: you want a lower cost, irrigation-applied wetting agent
  • Use: Hydro-Wet Injectable 24 oz (720 ml) per acre (0.5 hectare) monthly
  • To: reduce soil repellency while enhancing soil moisture content for quality turf

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