Irritrol Systems Europe S.r.l

- Model I-PRO Series - Pop-Up Spray Sprayheads



Pressure-activated seal with lubricant additive. Pre-installed in-riser pressure regulator (optional). Pre-installed check valve (optional). Retrofittable riser. Sturdy and robust, textured body. Side and bottominlets on 6” and 12” (6” also available in non-side inlet). Heavy-duty, stainless steel retraction spring. Male-threaded riser. Pre-installed flush plug. Ratcheting riser.

  • Inlet size: ½” female threads
  • Working pressure 1,5-3,5 bars (5 bars maximum)

I-PRO300 3'
I-PRO400 4'
I-PRO400-CV 4', check valve
I-PRO400-PR 4', pressure regulator
I-PRO400-PR-CV 4', pressure regulator, check valve
I-PRO600 6'
I-PRO600-CV 6', check valve
I-PRO600-PR 6', pressure regulator
I-PRO600-PR-CV 6', pressure regulator, check valve
I-PRO600-SI 6', side inlet
I-PRO600-SI-PR 6', side inlet, pressure regulator
I-PRO1200-SI 12', side inlet
I-PRO1200-SI-CV 12', side inlet, check valve
I-PRO1200-SI-PR 12', side inlet, pressure regulator
I-PRO1200-SI-PR-CV 12', side inlet, pressure regulator, check valve

Replacement spray head
I-PRO400R 4'
I-PRO400R-CV 4', check valve
I-PRO400R-PR 4', pressure regulator
I-PRO400R-PR-CV 4', pressure regulator, check valve

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