- Model 180 - JackRunner - The Original Nut Harvesting System



The JackRunner is the original nut harvesting system that can travel in both directions up to 30 mph. For the fastest shuttle system from the reservoir cart to the elevator choose JackRabbit. Fast entry, fast exit, never crossing berms or running over irrigation.

  • Fast – The JackRunner approaches the reservoir cart and harvester traveling in reverse facing away from the reservoir cart.
  • Economical – With the runner valve, the reservoir cart automatically starts to unload nuts into the JackRunner bin as the harvester continues down the orchard row. Your harvest never stops.
  • Efficient – Once the JackRunner bin is full the operator drives away traveling forward to the elevator to unload.
  • Profitable – The JackRunner reduces expensive labor and equipment time by travelling both directions to the harvester, from the harvester, and to the elevator.

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