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Kalibrate is a soil applied potassium fertilizer that contains 6% sulfur. With exceptional compatibility and efficacy when combined with many other Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers products, Kalibrate™ provides growers timely application options that can address most nutrient needs. Kalibrate™ supplies usable potassium and sulfur when applied in strip-till, planter-time, and side-dress applications. It is also effective when broadcast or injected through fertigation; making it an excellent potassium source for all soil-based cropping systems.

Superior performance and application flexibility are achieved through advanced manufacturing processes that utilize nutrient synergy and proprietary AgroLiquid chelating technology. In most soil environments Kalibrate™ will eliminate the need for additional potassium applications.

Kalibrate’s lower freezing point and ability to come back into solution even after freezing makes it well-suited for fall and early-season delivery in northern climates. Kalibrate™ should be used under normal planting conditions, where soil temperatures permit proper germination. Kalibrate™ is not compatible with boron, calcium or eNhance™.

In general, where liquid fertilizers such as Kalibrate™ are applied in horticultural crop production, it is customary to split the seasonal fertilizer needs into a number of smaller applications. In this case Kalibrate™ may be used for early-season potassium, while Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers’ Sure-K® may be more appropriate for mid and late-season application.

Consult with your Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer Representative for specific rates, mixing and application methods for your cropping conditions.

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