Karlington Electric Inc

- Intermediate Bearing


Eliminates all Down Thrust and Up Thrust on Motor, Capacity: 7000 lb. Down Thrust and 3000 lb. Up Thrust, Triple Sealed: Mechanical + Nytrile Lip Type + Sand Guard, 420 Hardened Stainless Steel Splined or Keyed Shaft, Oil-filled: USDA Food Grade Oil, Good to 10,000+ Feet of Submergence, Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Construction, 3.74 in (95mm) Diameter, Pressure Compensated,Rebuildable.

  • Diameter: 3.74 in. (95 mm)
  • 7000 lb. Down Thrust Capacity and 3000 lb. Up Thrust Capacity
  • NEMA 4 Standard
  • 420 Hardened SS Shaft

  • NEMA 4 In and Out
  • Various Bolt and Shaft Configurations Available
  • Many Couplings Available

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