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- Model B - Small Poultry Feed Machinery


In recent years, poultry breeding industry develops fast. Traditional poultry feed cannot meet the requirement now. With the help of poultry feed machinery, you can easily make your own poultry feed pellets at home to accelerate the fast growth of poultry. The feed pellet machine can turn original raw materials into small pellets. The feed pellet mill machine made from KMEC adopts flat die design and has compact structure. So poultry feed mill with flat die is appropriate for home use to make feed pellets. There are two rollers and a die inside the poultry feed machinery. When the machine runs, rollers and die will run to generate great force and high temperature.

Why feed pellets made by poultry feed machinery is superior to traditional feed?

  • With this machine, you can mix ingredients that the growth of poultry  needs together according to your recipe. When poultry are taking food, they can no longer piddling certain feed or ingredient. This promises the balance of poultry absorbing nutrition.
  • As we mentioned above, during pelletizing process, high temperature will be generated. This will make materials ferment and kill some harmful bacteria so that palatability of feed is improved while some disease can be avoid.

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